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How To Perform Office Carpet Cleaning Effectively?



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November 18, 2021

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Dry-Green Carpet Cleaning

The office carpet is an expensive investment and so its regular cleaning is important. Usually, the residential carpet cleaning should be done properly as the carpets acquire a lot of foot-traffic dust and stains daily. But, the question arises is how do you clean office carpets? So, in this blog, you will learn the 3 efficient ways to do office carpet cleaning.

Effective Ways To Perform Office Carpet Cleaning

1. Make a Maintenance Plan

Before you start cleaning the carpets, make a proper maintenance plan. Also, the requirements of carpet cleaning in your office may vary differently. This includes factors like foot traffic levels, weather, office location, etc.

So, you can mark out different foot traffic levels in different spaces of your office. It can become similar to a traffic light system: high traffic areas – red mark, medium-traffic areas – yellow mark, and low traffic areas – green mark. After preparing these marking levels, you can easily decide which area will need cleaning more often.

2. Vacuum The Carpets

It is important to regularly vacuum your carpets so that the loose dirt and stains get removed. This will extend the life of your carpets and also keep their original appearance. So, according to your maintenance plan, red zone areas need daily vacuuming.

While, in the medium and low traffic areas, you can do vacuuming 2-3 times a week. Apart from this, if the weather is bad and your office entrance area experiences a lot of dirt and water inside, then clean the carpets periodically.

3. Do Deep Cleaning Through Proper Process

It is said that only vacuuming will remove 80% of dirt and loose particles from your carpets easily. But, to clean the sticky stains, a deep carpet cleaning process needs to be applied.

So, deep clean the high traffic areas monthly to maintain the fabric quality and appearance of your office carpets. Medium traffic areas should be cleaned 4-5 times a year, while low traffic needs cleaning 1-2 times a year.

How Often Should Office Deep Cleaning Be Done?

Experts recommend doing deep office cleaning every 6 months. Even though you clean your carpets daily, professional cleaning makes a different impact. Also, the material, color, and pattern of your carpet play a significant role to attract the stains and dirt in it.

Moreover, the professional office carpet cleaning service at Dry-Green Carpet Cleaning will definitely regain the original appearance in your carpets back. We are experts in providing the low-moisture carpet cleaning method that makes your carpets less prone to attract stains after cleaning.

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