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Our Fast & Dry Carpet Cleaning in Erie, CO Simplifies Your Life

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When you hire Dry-Green Carpet Cleaning, you no longer need to worry about wet, soggy carpets after a cleaning. We provide a fast and dry carpet cleaning service in Erie, Colorado. With our service, your carpet will be dry in as little as 90 minutes.  We strive to make your life so much easier!

Our 4-Step Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Service in Erie, CO

Our process is designed to be fast, efficient, and leave your carpets dry. In fact, our process is so effective that we are able to use 90% less water and get you the same results as traditional Hot Water Extraction. This means your carpets will be ready to walk on in as little as an hour and a half – no need to wait around all day for them to dry!

The carpet first gets vacuumed with our signature vacuum that is equipped with a HEPA filtration system to improve your indoor air quality.  Then, we follow a 4-step process to provide you efficient, dry carpet cleaning in Erie:

Step (1)


We identify our problem areas and spots. We pre-treat these areas to help maximize our results.

Step (2)

Provide Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Service in Erie, CO

The Dry-Green carpet cleaning expert will spray the custom-made cleaning solution on your carpet and let it sit for a for a few minutes so that the dirt starts breaking down. After that, we use a bonnet system to extract the soil out of your carpet.

Step (3)


For the persisting stains, we will apply our cleaning solution a second time to get rid of it.

Step (4)


To restore the carpet nap, we will groom your carpet in the end. This will make sure we leave your carpets fresh and dry in just about 90 minutes!

Not only are our eco-friendly cleaning in Erie, Colorado services fast and efficient, but they are also eco-friendly. We use super safe solutions and equipment that are safe for both you and your family. You can trust us to take care of your home while also preserving the environment.

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