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How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning?

How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning?


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September 21, 2021

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Dry-Green Carpet Cleaning

Despite making your best efforts, putting in your valuable time, and spending a significant amount of bucks, DIY cleanings may not provide you with satisfactory results.

So, getting a professional carpet cleaning session is the best favor you can do to your carpet and your pockets. But, how to prepare for carpet cleaning? Read the blog further to know the best tips for this question.

How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning Before A Professional Arrives?

♦ Discuss It With The Carpet Cleaning Company

It’s always the best idea to clear all your queries in terms of arrangements that are expected to be made on your part. The company will probably provide you with a checklist. To ensure you can prepare for the carpet cleaning session with no confusion.

♦ Empty Your Parking Space

Consider moving your vehicles for parking space to remain vacant for the carpet cleaners. As they need to park as close to your front door as possible, to make it easier for them to use their equipment.

♦ Move The Obstacles And Fragile Items

In terms of arrangements, there are some obvious ones that one is expected to take whether they are there on the list. Whenever a professional comes to your home for cleaning, tucking any fragile items into storage can avoid any sort of damage to it. Apart from damage, this step can save hours during the professional carpet cleaning session.

♦ Check For Minor Items

There might be nothing visible on the carpet’s surface. It’s advised to comb over your carpet with a close eye to avoid tiny belongings hidden under the fluff from getting stuck in the professional cleaning equipment.

♦ Accommodate Your Pets Elsewhere

Preparing for a professional carpet cleaning with pets will require you to accommodate these little furry babies away for a day or two. As they may get hurt by the machines while hopping out of excitement or just trying to free their beloved carpet from the clinches of the vacuum.

♦ Make A Post-Cleaning Plan

Time taken to clean your carpet completely depends upon the type of cleaning you opt for. The dry powder method will allow you to access your carpet sooner than the steam cleaning method. You may need to keep the family and furniture off your carpet for up to 24 hours. We advise you to plan your professional cleaning session, keeping the occasion you are preparing your house for in mind.

How Long To Stay Off The Carpet After Cleaning?

Typically 6-8 hours are enough to dry your carpets after cleaning. While the bonus tip is to conduct a basic dusting round in the house before the carpet cleaning session and remove full-length curtains and get them to the laundry.

We at Dry Green Carpet Cleaning provide quality carpet cleaning services in the Thornton location. Our professionals keep client satisfaction as their topmost priority, therefore, we offer 30 days – Satisfaction Guarantee after cleaning.

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