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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Safe For Pets?

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September 14, 2021

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Dry-Green Carpet Cleaning

It is almost impossible to clean your carpets all year long if you have pets. However, different companies claim to provide the best carpet cleaning service but they use harmful chemicals that are unsafe for your pets.

Although, vacuum cleaners and DIY tricks are not the solutions either. If you do not remove the deep-seated stains of your carpets, they can become a breeding ground for germs. Therefore, you need to find a professional carpet cleaning service that uses safe cleaning products for your pet. Learn below the more reasons about it.

Top Reasons Saying Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Essential For Your Pets

♦ Removes Pet Hairs From Carpet

If you have pets, especially dogs or cats, it is obvious that they will shed their fur. For people who have allergies or are sensitive to contaminants, this excess hair can be uncomfortable. There are a few ways to reduce the amount of pet hair that finds itself embedded in the carpet. Know here few tricks:

1) Regular Grooming – Regular brushing of your pet’s fur will ensure that loose hair is collected before it falls on the carpet and contaminates it.

2) Pet Beds – When dogs and cats have their own personal space to lie in, they will not get their fur on your furniture. Thus, you reduce the surface area that needs to be rid of pet hair.

3) Rubber Brooms – Rubber brooms create a static charge when they contact the carpet. It attracts pet hair to the rubber pad. You can accumulate the pet hair and use a vacuum cleaner to pick it up.

♦ Thorough Pet Odor Removal

Another consequence of having a pet is that there are unavoidable urine accidents, regardless of how they are trained. This is especially possible if you are moving into a new house as your pet is not familiar with these new surroundings.

The problem with having these accidents is that if your carpets are not deep cleaned thoroughly, then it can adversely affect your health. Besides this, pets have a habit of peeing in the same spot, so you need to neutralize that area to avoid such a mishap again.

Now, you may be curious, what is the safest carpet cleaning method? When pet urine is in question, steam cleaning is your safest bet. This is because the liquid finds its way deep into the carpet in seconds and vacuum cleaners are not equipped to soak up the stain.

Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Dander?

Yes, professionals have high-powered equipment and the best skills to remove pet dander from the carpet. We at Dry Green Carpet Cleaning will also deep clean your carpet and remove the stubborn stains which can be missed by your eyes.

Our professional carpet cleaners will take extra care to use pet-friendly products to ensure that your pet is safe. Thus, the benefits of our residential carpet cleaning are multifold and necessary to extend your carpet’s lifespan. Call us today to have your carpets deep cleaned with our premier, eco-friendly low moisture carpet cleaning service in Thornton.

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