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Is Residential Carpet Cleaning Safe For Babies?

Is Residential Carpet Cleaning Safe For Babies

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November 24, 2021

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Dry-Green Carpet Cleaning

Yes, cleaning the carpets at home is absolutely safe for babies. But, you need to take proper care while cleaning. Also, cleaning the carpets regularly keeps your home atmosphere hygienic and healthy. However, if you have a baby, then cleaning and drying the carpets properly is equally important. Else, the moisture remains inside them to create harmful bacterial growth. Know below in detail about 2 precautions for doing safe residential carpet cleaning.

Two Precautions To Do Safe Residential Carpet Cleaning

1. Don’t Use Chemical Cleaners

Some harmful chemical solutions like formaldehyde, naphthalene, phenol, sodium hydroxide, hydrofluoric acid must not be used while cleaning carpet stains. Because all these types of chemicals are present in readymade market carpet cleaners and they can affect the health of your baby.

Instead, using synthetic chemical cleaners or green cleaning solutions is always a safe approach. This way both you and your kids remain safe in the carpet cleaning process. Moreover, there are many professional companies that use eco-friendly solutions for cleaning stains on the carpet.

2. Decrease Water Use While Cleaning

It is important to use less water while cleaning carpets. Because the carpets remain wet for a long time, they absorb water and retain moisture. The moisture present in your carpets will invite the growth of bacteria and mold. This can cause sickness and affect the health of your babies.

Either you use dry carpet cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning methods. Again, the dry carpet cleaning method uses harmful chemical cleaners to avoid water usage and remove stains properly. Here, the only option left is performing low moisture carpet cleaning which is safe for your baby.

How Do You Clean The Carpet With A Baby?

First, lay a baby playmat over the carpet, then use a play yard so that your baby remains safe on the mat. Now, you can use a baby-safe shampoo to remove the carpet stains and clean it thoroughly.

Besides following the 2 precautions mentioned in this blog, there are many other ones to be looked at while performing carpet cleaning safe for your baby. We at Dry-Green Carpet Cleaning are the top-notch residential carpet cleaning service provider in Thornton and its nearby locations. Also, our experts are experienced to perform an eco-friendly and safe low moisture carpet cleaning way at your place.

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